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Please call us to confirm that we have the items you are looking for in stock in our Calgary location.
Baron Manitoba Maple
Prairie Spire Green Ash
Sensation Maple
Brooks’ #6 Poplar
Cutleaf Weeping Birch
Northwest Poplar
Paper Birch
Tower Poplar
Golden Willow
Fallgold Black Ash
Laurel Leaf Willow
Manchurian Ash
Brandon Elm
Patmore Green Ash
Clump Paper Birch
Amur Cherry
Purple Rain Birch Mayday
Young’s Weeping Birch Pin Cherry
Walker Caragana Schubert Chokecherry
Weeping Caragana Bur Oak
Snowbird Hawthorn American Mountain Ash
Toba Hawthorn Russian Mountain Ash
Kelsey Flowering Crab Showy Mountain Ash
Makamic Flowering Crab Japanese Tree Lilac
Rosthern Flowering Crab Dropmore Linden
Royal Beauty Weeping Crab Native Aspen
Royalty Flowering Crab Swedish Columnar Aspen
Strathmore Flowering Crab
Thunderchild Flowering Crab
Battleford Apple
Parkland Apple
Combo Apple Patterson Apple
Fall Red Apple September Ruby Apple
Goodland Apple Kerr Apple-crab
Haralson Apple Rescue Apple-crab
Harcourt Apple Apple - Crab
Heyer #12 Apple Rosybrook Apple-crab
Westland Apple Dolgo Crab Apple
Norland Apple
Brookcot Apricot Pembina Plum
Brookgold Plum Golden Spice Pear
Brookred Plum John Pear
Evans Sour Cherry Black Currant
Saskatoon Red Currant
Strawberry White Currant
Mongolian Cherry Raspberry
Nanking Cherry Blueberry
Rhubarb Valiant Grape
Amur Maple Double Flowering Plum Cherry
Bomb Barberry Western Chokecherry
Gold Nugget Barberry Northern Lights Azalea
Rose Glow Barberry PJM Rhododendron
Sunsation Barberry Skunk Bush
Emerald Carousel Staghorn Sumac
Common Caragana Alpine Currant
Fern Leaf Caragana Golden Flowering Currant
Globe Caragana Blue Fox Willow
Pygmy Caragana Creeping Willow
Bud’s Yellow Dogwood Coyote Willow
Goldleaf Dogwood Dwarf Arctic Willow
Ivory Halo Dogwood Polar Bear Willow
Mottled Dogwood Golden Elder
Red Osier Dogwood Red Berried Elder
Silver Leaf Dogwood Sutherland Cutleaf Elder
Siberian Coral Dogwood Silver Leaf Buffaloberrry
European Cotoneaster Ural False Spirea
Hedge/Peking Cotoneaster Anthony Waterer Spirea
Rock Daphne Bridal Wreath Spirea
Russian Olive Froebelii Spirea
Wolf Willow Garland Spirea
Dwarf Burning Bush Goldflame Spirea
European Burning Bush Goldmound Spirea
Turk. Burning Bush Halward’s Silver Spirea
Winged Burning Bush Korean Spirea
Norther Gold Woodwaxen Little Princess Spirea
Siberian Salt Bush Shirobana Spirea
Sea Buckthorn Snowmound Spirea
Annabelle Hydrangea Three-lobed Spirea
PeeGee Hydrangea Snowberry Spirea
Albert Thorn (Regal) Honeysuckle Common Lilac Spirea
Arnold Red Honeysuckle Dw. Korean / Little Leaf Lilac
Clavey’s Dwarf Honeysuckle Miss Kim Lilac
Miniglobe Honeysuckle Tinkerbelle Lilac
Sakhalin Honeysuckle Villosa / Late Lilac
Sweetberry Honeysuckle Belle de Nancy Lilac
Blizzard Mockorange Beauty of Moscow Lilac
Dbl. Flw. Mockorange Charles Joly Lilac
Galahad Mockorange Ludwig Spaeth Lilac
Waterton Mockorange Katherine Havermeyer Lilac
Diabolo Ninebark Madame Lemoine Lilac
Golden Minebark Michael Buchner Lilac
Abbotswood Potentilla President Lincoln Lilac
Coronation Triumph Potentilla Sensation Lilac
Golddrop Potentilla Coral Lilac
Goldfinger Potentilla Desdemona Lilac
Goldstar Potentilla Donald Wyman Lilac
Jackman Potentilla Hiawatha Lilac
Katherine Dykes Potentilla James MacFarlane Lilac
Moonlight Potentilla Minuet Lilac
Orange Whisper Potentilla Miss Canada Lilac
Pink Beauty Potentilla Royalty Lilac
Red Robin Potentilla Compact Highbush Cranberry
Snowflake Potentilla Dwarf European Cranberry
Sutter’s Gold Potentilla Highbush Cranberry
Yellow Gem Potentilla Nannyberry
Cherry Prinsepia Snowball Cranberry
Purple Leaf Sandcherry Wayfaring Tree
Russian Almond Weigela Centennial
A. McKenzie Rose Morden Amorette Rose
Adelaide Hoodless Rose Morden Blush Rose
Austrian Copper Rose Morden Cardinette Rose
Blanc de Coubert Rose Morden Centennial Rose
Captain Samuel Holland Rose Morden Fire Glow Rose
Champlain Rose Morden Ruby Rose
Cuthbert Grant Rose Morden Snowbeauty Rose
David Thompson Rose Morden Sunrise Rose
F.J. Grootendorst Rose Persian Yellow Rose
Hansa Rose Prairie Dawn Rose
Harrison’s Yellow Rose Prairie Joy Rose
Henry Hudson Rose Prickly Rose
Henry Kelsey Rose Red Leaf Rose
Hunter Rose Simon Fraser Rose
J.P. Connell Rose Theresa Bugnet Rose
Jens Munk Rose Topaz Jewel Rose
John Cabot Rose William Baffin Rose
John Davis Rose Winnipeg Parks Rose
John Franklin Rose
Andorra Juniper Calgary Carpet Juniper
Arcadia Juniper Common Effusa Juniper
Bar Harbor Juniper Gold Coast Juniper
Blue Chip Juniper Hughes Juniper
Blue Danube Juniper Mint Julep Juniper
Blue Prince Juniper Moore-Dense Juniper
Blue Rug Juniper Prince of Wales Juniper
Blue Star Juniper Savin Juniper
Broadmoor Juniper Scandia Juniper
Buffalo Juniper Tam Juniper
Cologreen Juniper Moonglow Juniper
Medora Juniper Wichita Juniper
Dwarf Norway Spruce Dwarf Mugho Pine
Globe Spruce Slowmound Mugho Pine
Mugho Pine Mops Mugho Pine
Blue Bird Clematis Nugget Hops
Jackmanii Clematis Virginia Creeper
Clematis Various Cultivars Engleman Ivy
Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle Beta Grape
Mandarin Valiant Grape
Golden Hops Guarantee

If you don't like what you see when your plants arrive, you don't take them. Any tree or shrub purchased from that has received good care (proper watering and fertilizing) that perishes within one year of purchase may be exchanged for the same plant, or a credit of the purchase price towards any plant material.
An invoice or receipt and the plant itself are necessary to receive a replacement or credit.

Warranty covers the plant material only, and does not cover any applicable delivery / planting charges. Warranty does not apply to perennials, vines, or tea roses.

Calgary's best value for wholesale plants. The place to buy indoor and outdoor plants in Calgary at low discount prices. We will deliver them right to your door or we can plant them for you. It's Like buying your plants, trees, and shrubs from a nursery that is always having their entire inventory on sale.


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